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Dubbing house

Graffitti Studio is a leading European dubbing house, providing multilingual and foreign language dubbing services since 1994. We have 4 separate dubbing rooms with ISDN connection which enable us to cover large volumes of work. Besides TV dubbing, we work on numerious e-learning, corporate, TV and Rado commercial multilingual dubbing projects. Our dubbing voice bank represents 1000 professional dubbing actors in 30 European languages. All dubbing production is held indoors which cuts down production costs and management risks. Besides working with major TV networks as News Corp and Turner, we are the preferred dubbing house for multimedia localization projects for Microsoft, Nokia, Adobe, BMW, HP, commercial dubbing for Gillette, Danone, Phillips.

See below our list of voice samples and supported languages. If you have more specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.
dubbing house

     Multilingual Dubbing Samples

dubbing house

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American English Dubbing

Arabic Dubbing

Armenian Dubbing

British English Dubbing

Bulgarian Dubbing

Croatian Dubbing

Czech Dubbing

Danish Dubbing

Dutch Dubbing

Estonian Dubbing

Finnish Dubbing

French Dubbing

German Dubbing

Greek Dubbing

Hungarian Dubbing

Hindi Dubbing

Italian Dubbing

Korean Dubbing

Lithuanian Dubbing

Moldavian Dubbing

Norwegian Dubbing

Portuguese Dubbing

Polish Dubbing

Romanian Dubbing

Russian Dubbing

Serbian Dubbing

Slovakian Dubbing

Slovenian Dubbing

Spanish Dubbing

Swedish Dubbing

Turkish Dubbing

Ukrainian Dubbing

Vietnamese Dubbing


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