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IVR voice prompts

IVR voice over recording is a part of on hold marketing strategies for phone traffic management. IVR voice prompts navigate the phone traffic directing it to the appropreate representative or to a software platform to solve automatically their subscribtion, unsubscribtion or billing issues. IVR voice prompts can educate and inform the customers on the phone about new products, services, posibilities or policy changes. IVR voice prompts cut the distance between the company and their products and services on one side and the customer on the other, build credibility and manage the traffic outside working hours.

Understanding the process of IVR voice prompts usage and understanding the message to be delivered are key factors on producing professional IVR voice prompts for various needs. Since 1994 Graffitti Studio provides multilingual and foreign language IVR voice prompts in all European languages. As a professional IVR voice prompts recording studio we work with experienced and professional male and female voice over talents. Working with Graffitti Studio on your IVR voice over project means that we provide you with a complete IVR prompt recording and IVR voice prompt production solution- we advice you on voice talent casting, we manage the recording session schedules, provide voice over production quality control and update you on each IVR voice prompt recording and production level.
IVR voice prompts