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Lip sync

Lip synchronization or lip sync is a technical term for matching lip movements with voice. Lip sync audio recording service is mainly used for animation, cartoons, commercial video dubbing and music video production. Differing to standart voice over, lip sync recording requires separate recording sessions for each actor and each word of the script is recorded separately till fitting the actual video speach lip movements. Lip sync creates more realistic sence of character talk and is also preferred in advertising to target specific video commercials to specific countries or language groups, covering the original language in order to create exclusivity of the commercial message. In animation or cartoons, the original audio speach is lip synchronized and when localizing cartoons in foreign languages, lip sync has no alternative. Lip sync is highly difficult, time and effort consuming and responsible process as it targets direct sales when used in commercials, addresses kids in cartoons and affects the overall impression of the video content.

Since 1994 Graffitti Studio provides multilingual high end lip sync services to TV networks such as News Corp and Turner worldwide. We have a huge voice bank of 1000 male and female native speaking lip sync trained talents which covers 30 languages.
lip sync