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On hold

On hold messages are a powerful marketing tool to inform and motivate customers, to manage calling traffic, to advertise new products or services and to utilize the time frame while connecting the user to the suitable company representative. Messages and music on hold are managed by IVR phone system and have proven to increase phone traffic conversion. While messages on hold deliver information, music on hold creates the appropreate environment and athmosphere to motivate customers and build attitude.

Graffitti Studio provides multilingual and foreign language message on hold recording and message on hold production services since 1994. We have a huge voice bank with 1000 trained native speaking voice over talents and we cover all European languages. We work with excellent musicians for original music on hold composing, music on hold recording and music on hold production. Our high end ISDN on hold audio recording and production services along with excellent on hold project management have turned us into a leading European music and message on hold recording and on hold production company.
on hold