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Portuguese voice over

Portuguese is a Romance language spoken by about 240 million people mainly in Brazil (Brasil) and Portugal, and also in Angola, Mozambique (Mocambique), Cape Verde (Cabo Verde), Guinea-Bissau (Guine-Bissau), Sao Tome e Principe, East Timor (Timor-Leste) and Macau. There are also communities of Portuguese speakers in the USA, Canada and a number of other countries. Portuguese is a descendent of Latin, which was brought to the Iberian Peninsula by Roman soldiers, settlers and merchants from 218 BC. The earliest records of a distinctly Portuguese language appear in administrative documents dating from the 9th century AD. In 1290 King Denis decreed that Portuguese, then simply called the "Vulgar language" should be known as the Portuguese language and should be officially used.

Graffitti Studio provides both Broadcasted and Non-Broadcasted native speaking voice talents with huge experience in TV and Theatrical voice over, e-learning voice over projects, on hold and navigation voice over, film and movie trailer voice over, TV commercial voice over, radio commercial voice over, corporate and training video voice over, cartoon and animation voice over, narration and documentary voice over, lip synchronization voice over, video game voice over.
We have ISDN connection which enables you to monitor the entire recording and production process and to talk directly to the talents and sound engineer.


portuguese voice over