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Graffitti Studio is Europe’s market leader in B2B Media Content Localization services- voice over and dubbing, subtitling, translation, transcription and media processing in 40 European languages, across all platforms and formats of digital media, providing 360 degree production convergence.

Founded in 1994, Graffitti Studio has grown to provide more than 1000 native speaking professional European voice over talents, 300 translators and linguists, subtitling developers and transcription specialists for a full service and a cost effective indoor media content localization production.

Our clients are major Media Content Distributors- TV programs (Satellite and DTH, IP TV, Internet TV, Cable TV), Animation and Cartoon, Gaming, Film, Cinema and Theatrical, Digital Media Publishers, Advertising agencies (localization of digital commercial media for TV, Radio and Web), Telecoms (IVR) and Mobile Content, E-learning and Multimedia, Home video (VCD, DVD, VOD, Blu Ray), Media Production Companies and Film Production Studios (ADR, film music, film sound and audio effects).

Graffitti Studio operates 4 floor building of production facilities with acoustically treated and ISDN equipped recording studios and post-production workstations for audio, transcription and subtitling.

The combination of professional and experienced team and constantly upgrading technology enables us to effectivly serve the Global media market, driven by globalization and viewer migration.

We deliver the original message across different countries, adapt it to the specifics of each targeted language and the unique ethnic and social culture of targeted viewers.

Our media content localization services expand your markets by resolving the language barrier and providing access to your content, speaking the local language.

Every single day thousands of production companies and content distributors provide various types of media content to millions of viewers around the world through Television, Radio, Internet and Mobile platforms, CD / DVD, in various languages and media formats. Regardless of constantly growing number of media channels, refining their targeting and approach, tones of quality content still reach out to a small audience due to language limitations even though user's expectations and demands for quality content are constantly growing. Users are enjoying quality content no matter who is producing it, what the original language is and who distributes it. As long as there is a quality content and they understand the language, everything else is secondary. Language localization creates new markets for quality content which returns in more revenue for producers and distributors and also more happy users.

Graffitti Studio provides language and digitalization solutions that take this content globally.

Our vision is that quality content should be available for any user, in any language and in any format, throughout any media platform. Our language localization solutions and media production services help content producers and content providers to reach out for new markets by speaking the local language, provide access to quality content for millions of end users, regardless the original language or format that a certain media content has been produced into. Our vision is that quality content must be shared Globally so any viewer in any country, speaking any language should have access to and enjoy.

Graffitti Studio understands and knows in debth the dynamic process of content-user relationships. Our content localization solutions provide that key access for your content to multilingual public and the opportunity for a quality content, produced in any source language or format and designed for any media platform to be liked, shared and viewed around the World on the basis of its quality.
Graffitti Studio is known for its production quality and provides outstanding quality control processing on each project and production stage to ensure a high end and compliant product.

All projects are personally managed by a dedicated Project Manager who is available 24/7 and serves as a liaison between the Customer and our Production Department, ensuring a smooth process.

Our Production Department is lead by Production Manager who is in charge to execute a high quality production by following the provided specifications and requirements, casting both talent and production crew and applying quality control at each production stage.

Depending on project specifications, we cast the most appropriate native speaking content translators, correctors, linguists, voice over talents, voice over directors and subtitling developers.

Our Production Manager delivers the product for approval to the assigned Project Manager at each production stage while the Project Manager is at constant contact with the customer.

Setting up control at each project and production stage, along with quality communication with the Customer has been our successful formula since 1994 to achieve a high end service with outstanding production quality, a great attention to details and a huge respect for our Customers and their needs.

Graffitti Studio will not simply fulfil your expectations. As your vendor, we are here to share our experience and consult you if nessesairy to support your actions and efforts towards achieving your goals. For us it is not only important how we will do our part of the job but above all we care how our job will affect your plan to achieve your goals. And that is what makes Graffitti Studio different.

During the years we have built a team of highly skilled professionals in multimedia localization project management and multimedia production. Our sales representatives are friendly towards any information request over the phone or the e-mail and provide detailed information within the same day. While other companies invest only in equipment, we invest a lot in people also because we strongly believe that it's the people who actually make the real difference. Since content localization is a service that helps content producers and distributors to reach new markets by speaking the language of their target audience and since content localization services- transcription, translation, voice over, dubbing, subtitling and digitalization are human based services, the importance of employee professionalism, responsability and experience is something that we make no compromise with.

As media content is an emotion based product which evokes audio-visual experience by interacting with human scenses, the deep understanding of the entire process and our role in it as language localization service providers is crucial for achieving the oveal goal of each localization project- to capture the message and the scense of the original script and adapt it to the specifics of the targeted language.

Graffitti Studio managers have developed and implemented models to cast the most appropreate native speaking language consultants, professional transcription professionals and translators with deep knowlege for certain sientific or business area, subtitle developers with huge experience with transcoding and formats and a broad range of voice talents and voice over directors to fit any role nessesairy to transmit the message to any targeted foreign language.

Graffitti Studio uses statistic tools to keep track on work performance evaluation for each professional involved in any of our projects which facilitates and brings to a new level our ability to gather and utilize the most appropreate crew depending on the specifics and goals of each language localization project. And that is what makes Graffitti Studio stand out among other companies.
Graffitti Studio is a leading European multimedia language localization company, providing voice over, subtitling, content translation and transcription services in 40 languages for Broadcasted and Non Briadcasted media projects. We work with professional voice over talents, subtitling specialists and transcription experts along with linguists to provide an excellent high end service.

The entire multimedia language localization process is produced indoors in our ISDN equipped voice over and subtitling studios. Working with Graffitti Studio means that you work with the company that actially produces your media localization and will not outsource your project.

Below is a list of languages, supported by Graffitti Studio:

European languages:     Non-European languages:
Albanian voice over
Albanian dubbing
Albanian subtitling

Armenian voice over
Armenian dubbing
Armenian subtitling

Austrian voice over
Austrian dubbing
Austrian subtitling

British English
British voice over
British dubbing
British subtitling

Bulgarian voice over
Bulgarian dubbing
Bulgarian subtitling

Croatian voice over
Croatian dubbing
Croatian subtitling

Czech voice over
Czech dubbing
Czech subtitling

Danish voice over
Danish dubbing
Danish subtitling

Dutch voice over
Dutch dubbing
Dutch subtitling

Estonian voice over
Estonian dubbing
Estonian subtitling

Finnish voice over
Finnish dubbing
Finnish subtitling
French voice over
French dubbing
French subtitling

German voice over
German dubbing
German subtitling

Greek voice over
Greek dubbing
Greek subtitling

Hungarian voice over
Hungarian dubbing
Hungarian subtitling

Irish voice over
Irish dubbing
Irish subtitling

Italian voice over
Italian dubbing
Italian subtitling

Lithuanian voice over
Lithuanian dubbing
Lithuanian subtitling

Macedonian voice over
Macedonian dubbing
Macedonian subtitling

Moldavian voice over
Moldavian dubbing
Moldavian subtitling

Norwegian voice over
Norwegian dubbing
Norwegian subtitling

Flemish voice over
Flemish dubbing
Flemish subtitling
Polish voice over
Polish dubbing
Polish subtitling

Portuguese voice over
Portuguese dubbing
Portuguese subtitling

Romanian voice over
Romanian dubbing
Romanian subtitling

Russian voice over
Russian dubbing
Russian subtitling

Serbian voice over
Serbian dubbing
Serbian subtitling

Slovakian voice over
Slovakian dubbing
Slovakian subtitling

Slovenian voice over
Slovenian dubbing
Slovenian subtitling

Spanish voice over
Spanish dubbing
Spanish subtitling

Swedish voice over
Swedish dubbing
Swedish subtitling

Turkish voice over
Turkish dubbing
Turkish subtitling

Ukrainian voice over
Ukrainian dubbing
Ukrainian subtitling
American English
American voice over
American dubbing
American subtitling

Arabic voice over
Arabic dubbing
Arabic subtitling

Chinese voice over
Chinese dubbing
Chinese subtitling

Hindi voice over
Hindi dubbing
Hindi subtitling

Hebrew voice over
Hebrew dubbing
Hebrew subtitling

Korean voice over
Korean dubbing
Korean subtitling

Vietnamese voice over
Vietnamese dubbing
Vietnamese subtitling

Latin American Spanish
L. Am. Spanish voice over
L. Am. Spanish dubbing
L. Am. Spanish subtitling

Brazilian Portuguese
Br. Portuguese voice over
Br. Portuguese dubbing
Br. Portuguese subtitling

Afrikaans voice over
Afrikaans dubbing
Afrikaans subtitling

Japanese voice over
Japanese dubbing
Japanese subtitling

more languages

Graffitti Studio operates a 4 floor production facility, build for the sole purpose of high quality production. All voice over and dubbing studios are acoustically treated. Graffitti Studio provides 4 separate ISDN equipped recording and dubbing studios, 6 audio post-production and 12 subtitling workstations with great options for expansion when large work volumes must be covered in short time.

The facility is situated in a quiet neighborhood, very close to downtown Sofia.

Studio A ( 10m x 5m x 3m)

Studio B (3m x 5m x 3m)

Studio C (3m x 5m x 3m)

Studio D (3m x 5m x 3m)

Control Room ( 10m x 5m x 3m)

While most language localization companies are only being links between the Customer and an independant studio, don't really add much value to the process besides raising its costs and don't have their own facilities or resources for production, Graffitti Studio is the actual producer of your localized content. When working with Graffitti Studio, you actually work directly with the company that produces your localized content and gets the job done. That also means that you pay the actual production price and cut all risks of supervising the project through a long chain of subcontractors.

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Graffitti Studio has been working on ADR film projects for Warner Bros and New Image since 2007. Since Bulgaria is a popular destination for filmmakers and many celebrity actors come to the country all the time, many film studios and production companies use our services to organize famous actors being presently in the country to come down the studio and re-record their lines. Graffitti Studio provides ISDN connection that enables remote studios for simultaneous recording with mp3 quality audio and to manage the recording process at our end. Graffitti Studio has recorded ADR for famous TV series- Moonlight, Fringe, films (Universal soldier 4), film trailers, video games and various types of Broadcasted content.

Dubbing for Dubai International Airport corporate presentation.
Client: Dubai International Airport

ADR for Fringe

Client: WB

ADR for Moonlight

Client: WB

ADR for Universal soldier 4

Client: New Image

ADR recording

Client: Kandor Graphics

ADR recording for "Strike Back 3"
Client: Left Bank Pictures Television
Working at Graffitti Studio means working with a European market leader and participate in voice over and subtitling projects for Fortune 500 companies like News Corp, Turner Networks, Warner Bros, Microsoft, Adobe, Nokia, Deutsche Telecom, BMW, Volvo, HP, Nokia and many, many more.

We have highly demanding customers with no compromise on quality or deadline.

Apart from being an absolute PRO in your field of work, you should be easy to communicate and to work with, excellent process planner and instructions follower. You should be able to immediate reaction to solve out issues, correct and deliver your files immediately by request from your supervisor.

Along with that, you should be highly responsible and dedicated to our projects 24/7.

At Graffitti Studio we don't hire people who don't love their jobs and don't have a real passion for their work. We are working on highly demanding projects for customers with huge expectations on deadlines and quality, who take the risk of investing their money and expect an investment return.

Media content localization is a crucial and highly responsible process on which Customers depend for their business expansion, content popularity and brand reputation. Their success lays in the hands of our professionals. If you work with us, be prepared to be put in competition and evaluated on regular basis. If you are a voice over talent, subtitling developer, dubbing director, script corrector or content translator, if your native language is any European language and you are interested in working with one of the most professional content localization companies Worldwide, please send your CV, samples of your work and customer references to our HR Departament at

In the media
Interview with our CEO Mr. Nikolay Ivanov at Voice Over Xtra Magazine

Hop through the alphabetical listing of more than 40 voice talent languages that Graffitti Studio offers to international clients, and you get the feeling that the CEO there is a guy to talk to about Voice Over opportunities worldwide. That CEO is Mr. Nikolay Ivanov.

How to dub a film - our CEO Mr. Nikolay Ivanov at The Independent

"A bad dub is able to ruin even the greatest content"
Social engagement
We strongly believe that while the purpose of doing business is to create value and generate profits by delivering market oriented services or products that consumers want to use, the real purpose of living is about changing the environment around and improving people’s lives.

Graffitti Studio donates 1% of profits to health charity activities in Bulgaria- children medical treatment, orphanage institutions support and medical treatment for people with disabilities.

By hiring Graffitti Studio for your projects you actually contribute to society, save or improve lives of those who are disabled to help themselves. Working with us is not just a business.

Somewhere, right now, someone is hoping for a just a little help to have a healthy and a happy life and we feel our ability to help to be our real mission and the real purpose of our lives.

We all have our rushing daytime, goals and ambitions and often we forget that first of all, we are human and how little it takes to contribute and save a life. And this means everything to someone out there, someone that we and you might not know but that has their own dreams.

Graffitti Studio supports green energy and often attends forums, meetings and workshops dedicated to promoting a lifestyle that has less or no harm on Nature. We strongly believe that there cannot be a human prosperity based on the cost of destroying our Planet. Put that way, it should easily make sense to our World leaders but unfortunately for a civilization as advanced as ours it takes a painful amount of time to all of us to only start thinking Green. Our planet is a unique perpetuum-mobile where everything coexists in balance and harmony. Everything but us, the self-promoted lords of the Planet.
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360 degree media content localization services in 40 European languages
Operating since 1994
Indoor production
State of the art equipment
Native voice over talents
Native voice over directors
Native content translators
Native script correctors and linguists
Native content transcriptionists
24/48 hours turn around
6 acoustically treated studios
Native subtitling developers
Time coding
Subtitling spotting
Full post-production service
Online voice over talents demo access in 40 European languages available
Personal project manager
Production manager
Quality control at each project stage
Constant project development update
Media processing in all file formats
24/7 availability
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