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Multimedia transcription

Since 1994 Graffitti Studio provides multiingual media transcription services in 30 European languages for movies, TV programs and television series, commercial videos, E-learning media and various types of audio and video media content. Transcription is the process of converting speach to a written form. Some companies use transcription softwares to cover larger volumes but our transcription services are manual as we know that manual approach means quality.

Our indoor media transcription team is cost effective and enables us to support large volumes of work. We manage a network of linguists to ensure high quality transcription production from audio and video files to written text versions.

Graffiti Studio provides a full range of media transcription services and a complete transcription solution: we organize, manage, record and deliver your product without any compromise on quality or deadlines. Depending on individual demand and nature of the project our team will give you the best resolution and advice on the most appropriate project approach. With over a decade in media transcription field we have gained a huge capital of experience that ensures smooth and quality production, transcription project management that cuts down risks and solves out issues that appear on the run to fit any ambicious deadline.
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Explore the benefits of a first class media transcription service! From short corporate and e-learning videos to large TV program localization transcription in multiple languages, Graffitti Studio provides a complete solution based on professional approach, excellent project management and responsible attitude, attention to details and a quality control on each transcription production level.